Brand Integrity

We don't create brands, but we'll work hard to help you build and protect yours in the digital sphere. If you're like us, you recognize that a brand isn't a logo or a #hashtag, but your customer's experience at every touch point, whether they're walking through your door, visiting your website, or asking your staff for help. We like to work with clients who value long term success and brand building over quick fixes and quarterly-results myopia. 

Continuous Evolvement

A website is never done. Trite, but true. The era of the redesign is over; what's needed is continual enhancement and evolvement on a solid adaptable platform. We choose to work with firms that value and budget for ongoing improvements to their website rather than allowing them to stagnate for years between slapdash 'redesigns' that don't address the  assumptions and harried approach from the last time around.

What are the stats telling us? Is that navigation item getting used? Do we really need that in-your-face newsletter signup that everybody skips anyways? These are the sort of questions we like to ask.

We have the necessary experience to deftly sift out the trendy tech fads from the genuine paradigm shifts that matter to your organization. 


We believe in the power of no. No to clients that aren't a good fit. No to quick fixes. No to putting every link on the home page. No to treating site visitors with contempt. No to technical jargon and gratuitous complexity. We hope you'd say no to us, too, if that's what we need to hear.


With our clients and their objectives. With our agencies who tell great stories for their clients. With our staff and network of contractors who bring their expertise to the table, wherever they happen to live at the moment. 

Does all this sound good to you?


Breeze Digital develops and maintains compelling websites for a range of clients, primarily in the destination marketing sector. Some notable clients include Kicking Horse Coffee, Tourism Golden, Shuswap TourismCity of Kimberley and Island Lake Lodge. We work with the marketers and designers at our partner agencies, DMOs and in-house marketing teams to create great web experiences.

Formerly part of the ad agency Driven Media, Breeze was spun off as an independent company in September 2009 to better focus on digital marketing services.

Our open concept office in Cranbrook BC has a full espresso bar and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains from the heritage building's top floor. Our staff team enjoys a flexible work environment and the benefits of a mountain town lifestyle, with affordable housing, eight nearby ski resorts, a network of biking trails, and countless lakes and rivers. 

Intrigued? We're hiring. Drop a line to careers@breezedigital.ca