Tourism Golden aggressively markets Golden BC as a four season destination and has been seeing substantial year-over-year growth in visits. We've worked with them since 2008 and they've embraced our philosophy of continuous website evolvement, launching the My Trip planning tool and Interactive Map in 2013, visitor touchscreen kiosks in 2016 and TripAdvisor ratings integration in 2017. In 2019 we redesigned the site from the ground up with a mobile-first approach, featuring card-style content carousels, background video and priority+ navigation.

In collaboration with:
Tourism Golden DMO

Key features:
TripAdvisor API integration
My Golden Experience Finder
Instagram feed
My Trip planning tool
Email marketing
Google Analytics campaign tracking
Interactive map
Megamenu-style immersive navigation
CrowdRiff social feed integration
Campaign landing pages
Background video
Priority+ navigation
Touchscreen kiosks at key tourist locations



Information architecture
Wireframing & UX design
3rd party API integration
Email campaigns
Touchscreen kiosk development

Drupal website development
Social media integration
Conversion tracking
Domain portfolio management
Managed hosting & security